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Crypto Jade


  • Start Date 2018-07-01
  • End Date 2018-09-01
  • Total Suply 125000000
  • Starting bonus 30%
  • Goal 5,000,000
  • Goal currency Dollar


  • Start Date 2018-09-01
  • End Date 2018-11-01
  • Total Suply 125000000
  • Starting bonus 20%
  • Goal 5,000,000
  • Goal currency Dollar



Guaranteed profits. Listing has already been confirmed on binance

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Our cryptocurrency is specifically designed for the jade industry. We are currently an erc20 token, however our unique blockchain will be finished within one month. Our blockchain will integrate jade mine owners and jade dealers. The network transaction fee will go partly to coin miners and the rest will go to jade mine owners. In return, our coin will become the official cryptocurrency of the industry because the mine owners will want to see more revenue coming in from the transaction fees. These jade mine owners will advertise our cryptocurrency to jade dealers because of the their desires of more revenue coming in from the fees. It is beneficial for jade dealers to use our cryptocurrency because it eliminates the wastefulness of fiat, the fee is minimal no matter what the cost of the jade is, the transaction is almost immediate, and the transaction is secure on the blockchain. There is two blockchains that feed one system. The second blockchain has inflationary characteristics. There will be a inflation rate that is linked to the rate of jade mined in the world per year. This is beneficial for jade coin miners and gives incentives for investors to buy the coin. The supply of the coin will always remain 125m. We are building our own exchange which will have fiat pairings of USD and CNY. There will also be pairings of btc and eth markets for jade coin traders. There will also be fiat pairings for the btc and eth markets. The exchange will implement the highest security standards possible and the fees will be minimal.
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