Icovote.me - is the first decentralized online Voting and Rating platform that serves the development and promotion of ICO companies in the crypto market.

Icovote.me platform allows the crypt users to vote  the preferred company, also to express the opinion about the company and his/her choice about why he/she voted for the (X) project.

Why have we created Icovote.me platform?

 The idea of creating a platform arose due to problems in the market.

For example:

1. Existing platforms that do not provide information whether the company is real or not.

2.Experts and advisors - are not reliable, because most of them can easily bribed by the companies.

3. The customer cannot express his/her opinion if it does not match the interests of the company regardless of whether it is true or not.

How to solve these problems:

1. Our platform gives you information about the company and it is up to you to decide how real this company is.

2. We do not have experts and advisors, because in our opinion every person is the best adviser for himself, and we will be able to record your choice on the platform.

3. You can express and assert your negative as well as positive opinion and it will not be removed from the platform.

Everything belongs to those small problems which will be resolved by our platform and we're able to change the general situation with your assistance and minimize the financial losses caused by our wrong steps.

Platform is created by Bitcoin Official Group

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